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Kshanti Poems
Poems by Wendy Stern (1964 - 2015) 


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Wendy Stern died on 8 April 2015, aged 50, after many years of being confined to bed through chronic illness.


During the last five years of her life, poetry became Wendy's true passion and her principal form of creativity and self-expression.

Being completely bedridden, and with little muscle strength, Wendy composed her poems in her mind before dictating them from memory. She would then edit them aurally, a process that took an immense amount of energy and concentration.

The poems reflect Wendy's experience of confinement, pain and loss - but they also range far more widely to reflect her love of nature, her political passion, and her Buddhist practice.


The title chosen by Wendy for this website and her published booklet is Kshanti, meaning 'patient endurance'.

Wendy's poems are also available in print, in a collection published by Poetry Space. For details and to order online  visit Poetry Space

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