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The compassionate breath


The compassionate breath

Sees it all,

Knows it all,

Accepts it all,

And judges none of it.


Breathe it in,

To your lungs,

To your heart,

To your bones,

To your very being.


Stand back

And watch it,

Expect nothing from it

As it

Sees and allows,

Sees and allows,

And in doing so



The compassionate breath

Has known,



The suffering of all beings,

Through all of time,

And yet it offers itself,

Breath after breath,

Without fear,

Without hesitation,

With indescribable generosity,

Time after time.


How exquisite

Is the capacity,

The potential,

For compassion,

And how rare.


Stand back in awe

And nurture it,

For sometimes

It is

All that we have left.


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