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February days


I am glad
That it is February days,
Frozen days,
A time to slow down,
Slow down,
A time to look at it all,
Look at it all.

There is the depression,
The burnt-outness,
The broken places,
The damaged remains
Of a winter that ravaged,
Of a winter that had its own way,
Had its own way,
The cuts that have yet to bleed,
The darker woundedness,
Deep places
In the heart,
Where remorse and regret
Lie embedded,
Words, expression, relief.

A time for self-protection,
So that it is safe,
To heal the inside.

Heal and weave,
Heal and weave,
Heal and weave,
These February days,
Towards forgiveness,
Towards springtime,
Towards loving life again.

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